Sex sweetners

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Sex sweetener combo comprises a 3 in 1 package

1. Sugar lumps

2. Vjay sugar

3. Scorpion honey

its strictly for ladies,these candy cubes are small cubes of candies,it is lickable, it is used to avoid vaginal dryness,burns or pains and it does help secrete vaginal fluid/juice thereby making you wet and juicy…. It increases sexual urge and the sweetness of your Vjay.
Direction:lick 5-10cubes at once,give it 1hr to circulate all round your body system and the action starts when the lady is been romanced,it is to be licked or insect into the Vjay 2hrs before sex….

The scorpion drink also called the emergency vaginal sweetner, which is 100% herbal and natural to give you that sensational fantasy you want with your man.

Scorpion Pussy Sweetner honey drink. This drink is for sweetness and wetness. It stays in the system for 2 weeks. When you use this drink your pussy will grip your man’s d..K just like the scorpion grips it’s prey.

Vjay sugar is used externally 20mins. Before sex.


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