Organic Ingredients

We deal in supplies of organic ingredients and raw material for skincare formulation and other forms of use.

Our botanicals are pure natural plants extracts for all kinds of skincare formulations, Aphrodisiac foods, yoni steaming herbal mix and making of customize teas, smoothie and other healthy drinks.

These are safe organic products suitable for use.

Our plants extracts varieties are;

* Neem powder

*Hibiscus powder

*Moringa powder

*Basil powder


*Sepi white

*Giga white



*Orange peel


*flax seed

*fenugreek seed

*fennel seed



*Tiger nuts

*Goron tula


*Black seed

*Olive oil

*Shea butter

*Coconut oil

*Black palm kernel oil

*Green tea

*Black tea



*fresh ginger

*Almond oil

*Jojoba oil

*Frankincense oil

*Fragrance oil


* Activated charcoal



*Aloe vera gel

*Maca powder


* A lot more