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Our body needs exercise to enable free flow of blood circulation, proper heart coordination relaxes our muscles and nerves in our body. Exercise is very profitable, it makes us fit, sound and healthy. There are so many junks we need to jet out from our system which makes exercise a necessity. If you want to stay fit do exercise, you want good shape do exercise, flat tummy hun! do exercise, you want to stay healthy always do exercise. It is one secret known to many but only a few indulge in it.
As the body requires exercise, our face is not an exemption. Surprised? Yea I mean your face needs that little touch, massage to always glow and look forever 16.


The Indians and Japanese women know the secret and benefit of facial yoga, no wonder they look the way they look. The face has muscles and nerves that requires this magical touch to ease out stress and enhance proper blood circulation.
If you’ve never tried these facial massage techniques before, you need to learn some simple strokes before you begin.
Massage is a special form of touch that works specifically to increase blood flow to muscles, easing away toxins, and releasing tension. If you’ve practiced yoga for some time, you’ve heard of the Galvanic Skin Response. Massage stimulates this natural occurrence and the outcome is an increase in cell reproduction.


Facial massage is the secret every skin pro relies on – and here’s why. “Over 40 muscles make up the scaffolding of the face. And just like the muscles in the body, the more you move them, the more lifted, tightened and toned they become,” says Inge Theron, founder of FaceGym. “Any time you can fit facial exercises into your day is great. I tend to do it morning or evening as part of my skincare routine, that way I get the added benefits of really working products into my skin, too.”
In order to perform the facial massage techniques stated here, you’ll need some lubricating ingredients to use on your skin in order to prevent scratches and possible tearing of the skin.

A facial massage is a pleasant and relaxing experience. It makes you feel fresh, toned, stress- free, and rejuvenated. According to beauticians and skin experts, facial massage once in a month can do wonders for your face.
Not only the skin will get rid of all the dirt, excess oil and dead cells that accumulate on your skin, but will also the skin will get a very clean, attractive, and radiant appearance.
Most people spend thousands at spas and salons to look like a million bucks, but frankly speaking, you really don’t have to do all of that. You can always get a facial massage at home and look equally beautiful! All you have to is follow a few basic steps and you’ll be able to pamper your skin, just like in spa!

First, you’ll need to start with a base or carrier oil. It’s amazing how different ingredients can help you target very specific problems. Depending on what type of skin you have or what effect you want to achieve, the carrier oil could be any one of the following:

1. Jojoba Oil

A golden, liquid wax, and another type suitable for most skin.
Sweet Almond Oil: Nourishes dry and damaged skin. Not one for allergy-prone individuals.

2. Apricot Kernel Oil

Light and nourishing, and excellent for dry or mature skin (over age 35)

3. Lavender

Tones combination, oily and acne-prone skin. Also good for sensitive skin.

4. Camellia Oil

The most versatile and can be used for any skin type.

5. Grape Seed Oil

Non-greasy, and does a terrific job of prepping the skin for massage.

Then you’ll need to add one or more essential oils:

Sandalwood: Cools and hydrates dry and mature skins.
Tea tree: Cleans and disinfects all skin types, but is especially beneficially to skin prone to breakouts and blackheads.
Geranium: Balances and hydrates oily and combination skin types.
Grapefruit: Tones and detoxifies all skin types.
Orange blossom: Hydrates and nourishes dry, mature and sun-damaged skin.
Rose: Cools and soothes minor irritations and is good for all skin types.
Rosewood: Soothes and nourishes dry and mature skin.

Use 1 teaspoon of carrier oil, such as apricot kernel, to lubricate the skin. No essential oil is necessary, but if you prefer, you can add one or two drops of your essential oil of choice. See the above lists for suggestions.
A Note About Safety
Essential oils are used in very weak dilutions on the face so that blends are safe for most skin types. Do not expose your skin to direct sunlight for at least twelve hours after applying any blends contain citrus oils. Store your oil mixture in a cool, dark place, up to six months at room temperature, and up to one year when refrigerated.

Also note that in with these facial massage techniques, you need to get used to targeting small muscles and using precise movements to get the best results.

The Facial Massage Techniques

1. Stroking Up From The Chin

Start with your hands on either side of your face; with your palms and fingertips, stroke slowly up the sides of the face and up to the forehead, then glide back down again lightly. Keep the pressure constant but not firm. Repeat three times. The emphasis in this movement is pressure up the face and then easing off.

2. Stroking Out Over The Forehead

Place your fingertips together in the middle of your forehead, press firmly, and glide out to the sides. Lift the fingers off, returning to the starting position. Repeat three times. This movement smooths out the forehead.

3. Stroking Around The Eyes

Using only a minimal amount of oil to ease the movement, place your fingertips at the sides of your eyes and stroke around the bony edge of the eye socket. Work up over the eyebrows, down the center of the nose, under the eyes, and back to the starting position. Repeat three times. This movement helps to improve eyestrain and the oil lubricates the skin in the orbital eye area.

4. Stroking Under The Cheekbones

Starting close to the nose, with your hands on the inner side of each cheek, make small circular pressure motions all the way out toward your ears. Give special attention to the area just under the ear, then massage back toward the nose. Repeat this sequence three times. This movement tones the cheek muscles, which work very hard making facial expressions every day.


Cleanse your face first, and be sure to remove any traces of makeup.
Make sure your nails are smooth and free from any rough edges.
For best results, perform this simple massage routine every day; skipping one day per week for rest.
After your massage, use any oil you have left and work it into your skin for added conditioning and nourishing benefits.
You can use a facial massage as a beginning step of a home facial treatment.

Enjoy yoga secret to healthy skin and comment below if you have questions or remarks!

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