Why cream doesn't work on your skin



Many times most women face skin challenges especially getting the right body moisturizers for their skin. Ranging from creams, lotions, serum, facial packs, cosmetics, and even deodorant to invest in and use. Unfortunately, we never care to know our skin well. I mean understanding your skin type whether it is oily, dry, normal or the combination skin. We are so eager as much as we can afford it, regardless of the price we all want to look good not just being beautiful. Wow!

For Instance, Sandra got a normal great skin and she is fair in complexion, her skin looks flawless and she using a body moisturizer that compliments and glows her skin so well and because of the result she is getting from this skincare product her friend decide to also try it out and so she just jump in and bought  the same lotion and after using for a while, discovered that it not good on her skin. Hey! Listen up, it not a fake, not all expensive creams guarantees your skin desire, some are readily cheap but gives great result if and only if it matches your skin type. Neither is it a bad product but you fail to realize that you have a different skin type that’s not like Sandra’s. So, the result you get is different.


I always advise before you invest in a skincare product, It’s important you first know your skin type. This is also applicable to the makeup you apply on your face. For example, if you have oily skin go for foundation and concealers that are water-based so you don’t clog your skin with oily ones and so makeup lasts longer on you and doesn’t look messed up after a while. I hope you get it. That’s the essence.

There are so many skincare products out there for different purposes. We need to be careful so we don’t create problems for our skin with our money. Some after using a cream, lotion they start developing sunburns of different shades, some get bleached, some experience severe dryness, stretch marks, darkened knuckles. In fact, the list is endless.

I recommended you see a dermatologist to understand and know your skin type if you don’t know yours.

When we use body moisturizer wrongly, it could make it not effective on your skin. If your skin is clogged with dead cells that should be out by exfoliating and you don’t exfoliate, you will be applying your lotions, cream, serum and not see positive results even when you are using the right product for your skin. There is also a need to detoxify your body from the inside, so it easy you glow from inside out. A healthy body is also a reflection on the skin.

This is why the skincare regimen is vital and comes with good visible positive results with time and conscious efforts. The followings are necessary for flawless radiant skin.



Not exfoliating regularly at least exfoliate, I mean scrub your face and body twice or thrice a week.  This is a good practice to sheds off accumulations of dead cells on your skin. Exfoliation opens the skin pores to allow penetration of your skincare products.


Try to use it right after a proper bath. Don’t just take a quick shower, ensure that dirt, sweat, and grime that clog the skin pores are removed as you bathe so your cream really penetrates. Also, don’t mop up all the water from your skin after bathing, leaving some water on your skin allows the cream to absorb better.



Too much exposure to the sun’s rays puts a lot of strain on the skin and will hinder the effects of your cream from being visible, make sure your cream has adequate sun protection factor(SPF) of at least 15.  A good cream or lotion should have screen protection but if yours don’t have, It advisable you apply only at night or in the evening time, so you don’t get burned.



What are you stuffing upon? Eating right (fruits and vegetables and staying away from unnatural sugar) boosts your skin’s radiance from within. Oranges and apples especially are loaded with powerful and natural anti-oxidants that help prevent your skin’s collagen from breaking down.



Creams that boast of ‘instant results’ usually have harsh chemical components. It usually takes time for your skin to adjust and respond to the products. Try more natural based products instead and stop changing creams constantly.



Please for your face try to use lukewarm water instead of cold water. It helps to keep your skin’s protective layer from being stripped away.

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